Materialien zum Nationalsozialismus
Vermögensentzug, Rückstellung und Entschädigung in Österreich

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This platform is dedicated to the issue of expropriation between 1938 and 1945 and the issues of restitution and compensation after 1945 in Austria. The platform itself is a "signpost". Here you will find detailed information about those resources that can provide you with valuable assistance in your research. You can learn in which Austrian archives you can find documents on expropriation, where you can carry out your research on the revocation of citizenship, or what to do if you wish to find out whether a specific property or a rental was aryanized.

The platform will show you the way into the complex world of the historical land register. You will learn how and where to use this central resource for questions of expropriation and restitution.

The platform offers an overview of the legal foundations of both the Nazi expropriation of property as well as restitution and compensation from the Republic of Austria after 1945. All the laws relevant to this context are gathered here and are directly accessible in the original text. Links to parliamentary materials are also included. You will also find bibliographic references and explanations of individual terms.

The information found here is in the German language, as the documents that you can locate using this portal in the archives, offices, district courts, magistrates and other institutions assume the knowledge of German. Additionally, any materials that can be found online here including any laws are only available in German.